With lockdowns forcing people to stay at home, many have resorted to businesses or hobbies to keep themselves busy and keep their minds off the pandemic. From online selling to plant collecting, everything can be done DIY-style nowadays thanks to various resources online. Home improvement is also one thing that people have been busy with. Some do simple wall repainting or carpentry. Don’t stop there! Did you know that you can also start do-it-yourself concrete projects? Yes, you can do it with ready-mix concrete. Check out our list of best DIY concrete projects for home improvement.

Ready-mix concrete for DIY projects

Ready-mix concrete is a combination of sand, rock, cement, and water. It is pre-mixed, so no need to mix on site. It is available as a wet mix and dry mix. The wet mix already has water. It is delivered with a cement truck. Since it is already wet, it needs continuous mixing and must be used immediately. Otherwise, it will dry up and become unusable. Wet mix concrete is more applicable for big projects, while a dry mix is more suitable for small home projects. They can be bought in bags from hardware stores and require just adding water.

Ready-Mix Concrete DIY Project Ideas

Your DIY projects can be large or small. Here are some project ideas for you that you can do with ready-mix concrete.

  1. Driveways
    Is your garage or driveway already looking beat up with all the cracks and unevenness? Repair them with ready-mix concrete. An asphalt is also an option, but it is not as durable as concrete, so you may need to redo it repeatedly. On the other hand, concrete can last longer.
  2. Patios
    If you have a spacious front yard or backyard, take it to the next level by making a patio. It may sound difficult, but it actually just requires paving the ground, so it is even and will not get muddy. Because patios are versatile, you can get creative with them. Build one in any shape you want, and add stones, pebbles, or tiles.
  3. Garden walls or paths
    Are you a plantito or plantita? Why not create a garden for all your beautiful plants? You can use ready-mix concrete for our garden walls or create garden paths.
  4. Plant pots
    Since we’re talking about gardens, another project idea is creating pots for your plants. You can use any existing hollow item as a mold or create a unique one yourself.
  5. Stools
    Your concrete stool may be more decorative than functional, depending on its size and the amount of support you put in it. If you can’t sit on it, you can use it as a stand for your plants or other trinkets. You can use an empty bucket as a mold for this.
  6. Coffee table
    You can have a slab of concrete as a tabletop and have wood for base and support.
  7. Coasters
    Concrete coasters would go great with your new concrete coffee table. Show your personality by creating them in shapes that you like—round, hexagonal, or heart-shaped—your options are unlimited.
  8. Pen and candle holders
    With small glasses or molds, you can create holders for your pens or candles. Personalize them with patterns. For example, you can place lace on the concrete as it dries for an elegant effect.
  9. Paperweight
    Create a unique paperweight with ready-mix concrete. All you need is a small amount of the mix and shape it to your desired design. Paint it once it dries or leave it unpainted for a raw effect.
  10. Door stopper
    Create a door stopper out of concrete that is heavy enough to keep your door in place but light enough for you to move around. You can also stick a rope in the mix as it dries to have a handle.

For these DIY concrete projects, you are only limited by your creativity. Just be sure that you follow the instructions on how to use the ready-mix cement so that they set properly.

Tips from Top Cement Supplier in the Philippines

It’s fun to do these DIY projects. Especially for the small ones, you can do trial-and-error until you perfect a process. Who knows, you might even make a business out of this hobby. However, when it comes to more serious construction projects, you can’t do trial-and-error. If you’re looking for cement or ready-mix concrete in the Philippines, go only with trusted brands.

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