Do you wonder how concrete masons turn rough walls into smoother concrete walls? The secret to achieving this is the proper application of a skim coat. Learn how our trusted construction experts do skim-coat concrete walls in the Philippines.

A big percentage of structures are made up of walls. Given this, the general look of buildings is affected by the finishes of their wall surfaces. This is among the scope of work closely monitored by supervisors since it is a major part of the architectural finishing phase of structures. It is comparable to the skin—the largest organ of the human body. Areas to be covered with skim coats are often large since it involves both interior and exterior walls. With this said, it is valuable to know and execute proper applications, so you will have the desired output at the end of the construction process.

What is Skim Coating?

This is a technique used to smooth the surface of walls. It is also referred to as a level-five drywall finish. Skim coating uses a thin coat of diluted joint compound to improve the texture of the surface, particularly of walls. It is often applied by hand, using a trowel or putty knife.

For new construction, a skim coat is applied before the surface is painted. For existing and old walls, it may be used to repair damaged and uneven surfaces.

How thick can you skim-coat concrete?

The recommended thickness of skim-coat concrete is not over 0.1 millimeter per coat. This will suffice to cover bare concrete or to correct the levels of uneven walls. In some instances, the coat is given additional layers to target the texture being aimed at.

How do you skim a wall with cement?

The use of skim coats with cement color is becoming popular in recent years. A growing number of people are starting to adopt this trend since the overall look presents a modern or rustic feel. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

  • Prepare the area/s you plan to work on. If there is furniture around, cover them to protect them from the dirt and drips of the skim coat-cement mixture. We do not want to damage things in your home, don’t we?
  • Clean the wall or surface you are planning to skim coat. Ensure there are no substances left stuck on it as it may affect the adhesion of the mixture to the wall. You can use a chipping gun to ensure debris is safely removed. Damp the substrate using a sponge and water so the mixture will stick to the surface.
  • Prepare your compound by adding cement to the skim coat mixture. Do not forget to add water as well. Mix it using an electric drill installed with a stirring bit. Be careful and make sure the skim coat-cement mix ratio is correct so you can achieve the look you are aiming for.
  • Start applying the mixture to your wall, starting from one end to the other. It is advisable to work from top to bottom. Spread the skim coat-cement compound evenly using a trowel and a putty knife. See to it that the excess mixture is removed.
  • Leave the first coat to dry for three hours. You can start applying the second layer after this, then leave for three hours again. At this point, you can choose whether to apply paint on the surface. Should you opt for the latter, you can now enjoy the finished cement look of your walls.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Skim Coating

The benefits of using a skim coat include UV protection. It also enhances the final look of the walls as it is used to repair minor cracks, fill joints, and level uneven surfaces. There is also a kind of skim coat that is acrylic and doubles as waterproofing.

One of the downsides of applying skim coats arises when it is improperly applied to the surface. If it is too thick, it leaves you with a powdery finish. There are also times when the wall cracks due to an incorrect skim coat-cement mix ratio. Applying a skim coat also increases the material and labor costs during construction or renovation. Keep in mind that the skim coat for interior walls is different from the one intended for exterior walls. If the application is interchanged, it could bring about new problems.

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