One essential part of construction is the structural component. The list of structural features of the building includes the foundation, columns, beams, and walls. These parts, which act as the backbone of the structure, are mostly made up of steel and concrete. That’s why it’s common to see bulk trucks of ready-mix concrete or even bags of cement and gravel with on-site cement mixing trucks or any ready-mix truck that you have.

In this blog, let us define, compare, and contrast these two mixtures: ready-mix and site-mixed concrete to help you assess the best one for your upcoming project.

What is Ready-Mix Concrete?

As its name suggests, ready-mix concrete is all set to be poured into designated construction areas. It is prepared in the factory, delivered to the job site, and is ready for concrete pouring. This is sold by volume, usually measured in cubic meters.


  • The ratio of aggregates, water, and Portland cement is input into the computer, so accuracy is not in question. The accuracy of the ratio is important as it affects the design mix that determines the durability of the concrete, including the desired strength.
  • The process of mixing the raw materials is quick and does not require additional labor costs.
  • Since it is processed in the factory, consistent material quality is maintained.
  • This does not require storage space or raw materials onsite since the mix is delivered via a transit mixer.
  • Ready-to-use concrete mix does not require additional equipment onsite.
  • Concrete pouring can be done in big batches.
  • Material waste is minimal.
  • This can be quickly listed as one item in the material takeoff. Given this, the construction cost estimation is done faster.


  • Delays in delivery due to heavy traffic congestion may affect the quality of the concrete mix. Fresh concrete is perishable, so this is time sensitive. There is the risk of the mixture hardening if not poured within the recommended period.
  • When not delivered and poured on time, it needs admixture to remedy the setting and hardening of the concrete.
  • Wide site access for the transit mixer is a need. The access is not limited to the job site itself. The roads leading to the construction site should be checked as well.
  • A certain quantity must be met to place an order with your supplier.

What is Site-Mixed Concrete?

This kind of mixture is combined on the job site. Hence, it is also called a job mix or on-the-job mix. The workers input the aggregates, water, and Portland cement, then mix it using a one-bagger concrete mixer.


  • Delays caused by traffic are not applicable since the mix is done onsite. There is no need for fresh cement delivery.
  • Since the mixture batch is small and the location transfer is near, the addition of admixture is not necessary.
  • The need for wide access is not a priority.
  • There is no minimum quantity to buy raw materials.


  • There may be inaccuracy in the ratio if not properly supervised.
  • The process of mixing the aggregates, cement, and water is time-consuming.
  • The quality of the mix may vary since this will be done in several small batches.
  • There is a need for onsite storage for the raw materials.
  • Since the mixing process is done at the construction site, equipment use is a need.
  • The amount of mixture per batch is small.
  • During storage and mixing, there is a tendency for raw material loss.

Differences between Ready-Mix Concrete and Site-Mixed Concrete

Here is a chart to help summarize the two kinds of concrete mix.

AspectReady-Mix ConcreteSite-Mixed Concrete
Ratio AccuracyPreciseMay be inaccurate
Quality of MixConsistentMay vary
Onsite Storage of Raw MaterialsNot requiredRequired
Equipment Use OnsiteNot NecessaryNeeded
Batch SizeLargeSmall
Material wastageMinimalThere is material loss during storage and mixing
Material TakeoffCan be calculated as a single itemRaw materials should be listed individually
Delays caused by unexpected heavy vehicle trafficApplicableNot applicable
Need for admixturesNeededNot needed
Site AccessRequires wide access for entry of trucksCan operate on narrow roads
Order QuantityA certain quantity must be met for the minimum orderNo minimum quantity

For both types of concrete mixtures, tests are performed to ensure the quality is on par with the Philippine standards. This is done to check the compressive strength, durability, permeability, and air content of the mixture.

Cement, one of the elements in the mixture, plays a crucial role in binding the elements and in providing strength to the concrete when setting and hardening. This is one good reason to carefully evaluate the cement products to include in your mix.

Quality Cement Partner of Ready-Mix Concrete in the Philippines

Cement is a crucial building material to most modern-day construction. That’s why, it’s important to choose high-quality cement from a trusted cement supplier.

Union cement facade

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