If you think buying new home furniture is the only way to remodel your home, think again.

The words “home makeover” often suggest an excessive cost to people hearing it. It may be true that it would entail some shrinkage in your savings, but contrary to this perception, there are some quick home makeover ideas to revamp your living space. Let us look at these different tips that encompass several aspects of your living space.


You would be surprised how much trimming down the contents of your space would contribute to the overall feel of your home. Fewer eyesores radiate a more relaxed mood. Make sure that you also clean your home regularly as it affects the overall ambiance of the space.

Clean windows will allow more natural light to come in. Stains and dust are a no-no and would give your place a shabby look. We do not want that. Maintain an elegantly looking home by cleaning and decluttering regularly.

Consider your Lighting

Allowing more natural light to come in will change the mood of your home. Replacing generic lighting fixtures will add elegance or uniqueness to your space.

If you think designer lighting pieces would damage your wallet a lot, consider the budget-friendly way of checking surplus shops and secondhand stores. Do not forget to layer your lighting as well using these three types: ambient, task, and accent lights.

Incorporate Area Rugs

Place them under the sofa and chairs to define your seating areas. Remember to place the two front legs of your sofa and chairs on top of it. Do not skimp on the size of your rugs as well.

When choosing your rug, do not be afraid to choose colors and patterns when shopping. It is a clever way to inject playfulness or fun into your home.

Attach Window Treatments

Add window treatments to your house. Homes without window treatments feel unfinished and low-cost. Hang your curtains high and wide. Doing this would bring a more extravagant look. This would also make the space look bigger.

Never forget the function of the window treatment when choosing your material and style. Do you want to allow as much natural light as you can? Would you need something to block glares while working from home? Or do you need to block light from coming in completely for a more comfortable sleep?

Paint Outdated Fixtures

If you have old furniture, you still don’t want to dispose of; consider giving them a makeover by using spray paint and refinishing kits. Giving these items a new paint coat would surely give them a fresh look.

Choosing colors that match your decor also helps in the cohesiveness of your home design. Doing this would extend the life of these well-loved pieces. You are saving money and adding life to your space all at the same time.

Add Textures

Adding textures to your home is a surefire way to give your home a fresh look. This is achievable by combining differently textured elements in your home, such as glass, fabrics, wood, and concrete.

Speaking of the latter, the use of concrete is a growing worldwide trend that people are continuing to adopt. This trend comes alongside the global popularity of the color gray. Using concrete helps you attain a modern edge and natural warmth.
There are major parts of the house that can be concretized. You can consider transforming your flooring, shelving unit, kitchen countertop, and patio walkways. Of course, you are not limited to these suggestions. Pick out areas of the house you want to incorporate that concrete element. No one is stopping you.

Cracked floors

Fix Cracked Floors

Have you spotted cracks in your cement floors? These cracks might be due to natural calamities, sub-par construction materials, or concrete’s natural tendency. Once sighted, fix this issue by repairing your cement floors using Portland cement to give your home a fresher look. Aside from having a home design makeover, it will make your house safer and more secure from further deterioration. For bigger areas, you may consider choosing ready-mix concrete in the Philippines to make the consistency uniform.

DIY Accessories

Accessorizing your home completes its look. It is the icing on your cake. Some people use the technique of adding gold elements to their homes, as gold is associated with wealth. However, if you are opting for the modern, rugged, or natural look of things, you can DIY some accessories as well. Using your crafty skills and some concrete mixture, you can whip up some DIY accessories made of concrete. A few ideas are pots, lamps, bowls, side tables, candle holders, door stoppers, coasters, and book stoppers.

Since we have been talking about using concrete for our interior designs and DIY home makeover ideas, let’s discuss the mixture best suited for this kind of project. Concrete-related DIY projects have two common denominators in their needed materials list—cement and water. The sky’s the limit in creating your DIY pieces given these two components’ malleability into different shapes and sizes. While water is universally available, cement is an element that leaves you with sourcing options. 

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Union Cement for Your Home Makeover

One highly recommended brand for this element is Union Cement. You can be sure that no matter how big or small your concrete-related project is, your cement is of high quality. This would greatly contribute to the quality of your finished product as well.

Union Ultra Strength 50 is a Union Cement’s Ordinary Portland Cement with compressive strength of up to 50 MPa after 28 days, which simply means that it can withstand heavy and extreme loads, so it is highly suitable for structures and buildings that require durability and resilience. In addition, it conforms with the DPWH standards on cement materials. Union Ultra Strength 50 is available in bulk and in jumbo 1.0 metric ton bags, which are preferred for large construction projects. 

For general concrete applications, Union Super Strength 40 is a Type IP cement product blended with superb mineral additives applicable for general concrete construction.

Union Extra Strength ES is Union’s type 1P Portland-Pozzolan cement variant formulated for general concrete applications and available in stores at key markets nationwide. 

Consistent with parent company PHINMA’s vision of making lives better, Union Cement provides a reliable and consistent supply of high-quality cement products and services to support our country’s construction and infrastructure requirements.

Union Cement is part of the PHINMA Construction Materials Group (PHINMA CMG), which includes affiliates Union Galvasteel Corporation, and PHINMA Solar Energy Corporation. The synergy of these three companies allows PHINMA CMG to provide high-quality steel, cement, and solar solutions at outstanding value to customers nationwide.

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